What kind of videos does NP provide?

NP videos provides several types of video products, tailor-made to help you promote your products and your business. Explainer videos are short animated films that are used in training, product promotions, informative videos, and so on. We provide whiteboard, 2-D, and text-based animations.

What other services does NP provide?

In addition to animated explainer videos, NP also designs logos for your business as well as book covers for e-books and printed books.

How do I go about ordering an Explainer Video?

You start by contacting us at info@np-videos.com. Tell us what kind of video you would like, a script for your video, and any imagery or logos that you would like to include. For a 30 to 60 second video, typical turnaround is 4 to 5 days for a preliminary release. You are then given an opportunity to view the video and make changes. Once the finished video a satisfactory you can download the completed video file.

I would like a one minute video. How long does the script need to be?

A one minute video would be created from a script of approximately 150 words.

What are your terms?

After you have contacted NP videos and sent us your video description, script, images, etc. to us, we will send you an invoice (through PayPal) for an initial 50% deposit. Upon receipt of the deposit, we will start work on your video. A 30 to 60 second video will usually take 4 to 5 days for the preliminary review video to be completed. The preliminary video is a watermarked video that you can watch on YouTube. This will give you an opportunity to make revisions in the final version of the video. Once the preliminary version of the video is deemed satisfactory, you’ll be sent a second invoice (via PayPal) for the balance due; upon receipt of the second payment, you’ll be given a link to download the completed un-watermarked video.

What about pricing – are your videos very expensive?

We pride ourselves in being competitive in terms of our product pricing. Explainer videos cost $299 for a 30 second video, and $499 for one minute video. You can email us for quotes on videos longer than a minute. Logos generally go for $199, which generally include two high-resolution logos with a four day or less turnaround. Book covers typically go for $199, which includes a front and back cover. Book covers typically take approximately 3 days to preliminary release and include 1 revision.

You made a revision to the video for me, but is it possible to make another change?

Yes, we can do that. Basic pricing includes one revision. Additional revisions will cost approximately $40 each.

You’re called NP videos; do you have anything to do with nurse practitioners?

No! NP stands for “North Pole”, as were part of the North Pole Multimedia family of companies. We don’t really have anything to do with Christmas per se, but we had to pick a name and that seemed like a good one!